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    Why You Should Be Working With Advanced Marketing Direct...

    Some things are easier...
    Planning - we give you all the critical dates and deadlines to successfully finish the project.
    Estimating costs - a single cost estimate covers all aspects of the job.
    Quality standards - we make sure your standards are kept throughout each stage of the production process.
    Control - everything is at one place and in the hands of professionals.

    Some things are safer...
    Deadlines - fewer vendors means fewer variables that can put you behind schedule.
    Cost control - using multiple vendors can bring unexpected charges or overtime hours when materials reach the letter shop late.
    Conformity - our project coordinators understand the full process from printing through to the mail drop, avoiding mistakes from limited perspectives.

    Some things are more efficient...
    Communication - technical information is passed between internal departments rather than separate vendors.
    Staffing - we give you a single contact person from our side, which means fewer people involved on your side.
    Shipping - with everything produced at one place, plenty of hassles and costs are avoided.
    Turnaround time - you have more front-end time for creative work and strategy, while we manage several functions simultaneously.

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