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    Personalized URL's

    What are they?
    Through the use of print advertising, direct-mail, email and text messaging you can drive prospects to their own personalized web page. Personal URL's and Landing Pages engage prospects on a one to one level. They provide an additional platform for promotion to enhance most notably any mailing, but also your e-blast or sms text. They are a cost-effective way to convey detailed messages to your prospects and also gain important information from them. Follow up emails can be sent thanking them for their interest and then a message can be sent via email or text to the appropriate person to follow up with them.


    How do they work?
    Personalized url's can include focused content tailored to an individual prospect. This can include things such as personalized images, text, and appropriate contact information specific to individual interests and preferences. A PURL would then be placed on a billboard for a landing page effect or on a personalized mail piece for a 1 to 1 effect. An example of this would be www.JohnSmith.amdirect.com


    Who should use this?
    Anyone interested in using the latest direct marketing techniques. It is the perfect compliment to a direct mail campaign and even more so with campaigns utilizing an Email Blast or Text Messaging the Personalized URL (web address) can be inserted into a text message or email (and then hyperlinked).



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