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    Advanced Marketing Direct has been working with philanthropic clients for over 20 years.  Our clients have used the services we provide year in and year out based on our ability to create cost-effective, highly responsive direct marketing programs. These include our production, interactive and consulting capabilities. Over the years we have worked with several universities, healthcare organizations and food banks. Their campaigns have varied from national, regional or local in scope. Whatever your need is, rest assured that we have the capability to develop and implement a program that will assist you in achieving your goals.

    Our formula for the creation of these campaigns is simplistic, but it is one that pairs past experience with positive results. A typical program starts with preparing a situational analysis where information is gathered from the client about organizational goals and previous marketing efforts, primarily related to direct marketing. Then an analysis of the donor database is performed to better understand who your donors are and what trends emerge from this information. Finally after reviewing the results, a series of direct marketing strategies are recommended based on the client's individual goals and objectives.

    The bottom line is that these strategies will help you achieve the following:

    1. Renew Donor Commitment

    2. Increase Gift Recency & Frequency

    3. Acquire New Donors

    Please feel free to contact us so we can share some of our success stories with you.

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