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    Advanced Marketing Direct provides the resources that businesses need in order to promote their product or service to their target audience. Once the client has spoken to our account executive, we will research the best target audience based on several criteria:

    a. Proximity to the service or retail location
    b. Age, sex, income, interests
    c. Can also provide listing of businesses that may be targeted
    d. Identification of customer concentrated areas

    There are many game changing benefits to using a direct mail campaign in the retail world. Connecting with your target audience with a physical piece, be it a letter, self-mailer or package, leaves a lasting impression and allows the future customer an opportunity to associate a visual with the name.

    We recently have incorporated an interactive online ordering process for small campaigns, where Advanced Marketing Direct can assist the client in designing the package from a variety of templates and personalize it in a way that will bring positive results.

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